Monday, June 10, 2013


urban therapy

twisted sista (30 second curl spray)

urban therapy- twisted sista
30 second curl spray 150ml

if you are like me..enjoying your curls and rocking it..then you need to try this one, I found it in waitrose Dubai mall while I was checking the hair section , it caught my eye because of the packaging and the cute girl with curly hair on the label..I got the spray and the serum..the serum was nice but this spray is amazing,..I’ve tried other curl reviver hair sprays but all it did was making my hair crunchy and wet looking..this one does what it promise on the label (revitalizes curls instantly) yes I approve..i became a stable in my hair routine and I’ll definitely has a strong melon scent but I like it, very “tropicaly”
it's drug store product so the price is was about 25 Dhs and it will last you for a good time if you have a shoulder hair length like me, you only need few spritzes..”i even dilute some of it with water and put it in another spray bottle for beach wave effect or not too tight curls”

my curly hair- 3rd day

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