Saturday, April 6, 2013


Bath and Body Works

My Bath and BodyWorks  collection
 I love all nice smelly goodness..who doesn't love to be in a place that smells like heaven and rainbow colors, well that's how I feel when i go to any bath and body works store..
I love to roam about smelling candles and checking out new scents..and I always end up with a huge bag at checkout counter full of carefully picked goodies that are too heavy for me to curry, especially during the sale..but they always have some kind of offer going on all year around..
my top favorite scents in body care are
-secret wonderland
-Paris amour
-moonlight path
-sweet pea
-rio rumberry
-warm vanilla sugar

Bath and BodyWorks Candles

Marshmallow Fireside -3 wick candle-

I have a huge passion for wax and candles, and Slatkin & Co are my has many of my favorite candles..most of my favorite candles scents are from winter and fall collection and i always stock up during sale and burn them during any season, depends on the mood I'm in or the mood I want to get into :)

right now I'm burning Marshmallow Fireside and it's flawless .. a winter scents but who cares! I love it.. makes me feel worm, cozy and relaxed

there is a sale on the bath and body works website now..use the this coupon code at checkout -
COUPONSAPR13 for 20% off Exclusive Body Care, Candles, Soaps & More (ends 5/6/2013)

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